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$149 – Duration: 45 Mins

A drip brimming with vitamins and minerals you need to fuel sustained, natural energy. It restores energy and boosts metabolism, it is good for reducing feelings of fatigue, irritability, and dehydration in travelers. It can improve the immune system and boost the energy to get you back on your feet.

Ingredients – B12, Ascorbic Acid(Vitamin C), B-Complex


A drip brimming with vitamins and minerals you need to fuel sustained, natural energy.

Vitamin B12, essential for human health, offers numerous benefits. It supports red blood cell formation, aiding in oxygen transport and preventing anemia. B12 contributes to neurological function by maintaining nerve cells’ myelin sheaths. It also supports DNA synthesis, promoting cell growth and division. Additionally, B12 aids in energy metabolism, fostering a vibrant and active lifestyle. Its benefits extend to cognitive health, mood regulation, and immune system support. Adequate B12 intake is crucial, especially for vegetarians and older adults, as deficiency can lead to various health issues.

Ascorbic acid, or Vitamin C, boasts diverse benefits. It’s a potent antioxidant, shielding cells from damage and bolstering the immune system. Vitamin C aids collagen production, enhancing skin health, wound healing, and joint function. It boosts iron absorption, preventing anemia, and supports cardiovascular health by maintaining blood vessel integrity. It also aids in brain health, reducing the risk of cognitive decline. With its wide-ranging advantages, Vitamin C contributes to overall vitality and well-being.

Vitamin - B Complex

B-Complex vitamins offer a range of benefits. They enhance energy metabolism, converting food into fuel. These vitamins support healthy skin, hair, and eyes, while aiding nerve function and neurotransmitter production, promoting a balanced mood. B-Complex vitamins contribute to red blood cell formation, preventing anemia. They aid in DNA synthesis and repair, promoting cell health. With stress reduction, cognitive support, and immune system bolstering effects, B-Complex vitamins play a crucial role in overall wellness.