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Oxygen bars offer a refreshing and revitalizing experience, as the enriched oxygen can potentially enhance alertness and reduce feelings of fatigue.
Additionally, these bars provide a calming atmosphere, promoting relaxation and stress relief through deep inhalation of purified oxygen blends.

Zen – Starting at $15
(rosemary, mint)
cooling, refreshing, invigorating

The Grove – Starting at $15
(mandarin orange)
uplifting, cheering, balancing

Ginger – Starting at $15
(Hawaiian ginger)
energizing, vitalizing, uplifting

Relax – Starting at $15
(juniper berry)
nurturing, refreshing, restoring

Lavender Lemongrass – Starting at $15
(lavender, lemongrass)
comforting, refreshing, inspiring

Tranquility – Starting at $15
(chamomile, vanilla)
soothing, replenishing, calming

Ocean Mist – Starting at $15
(lotus blossom, black current, aquatic)
enticing, exotic

Pure – Starting at $15
(no odor)
Pure O2